Where can we get more help?

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Where can we get more help?

This section describes the services, websites, and publications that can help you with child support.


Child Support Services

The California Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) is the state agency that makes policy and oversees the child support services for the state. The local child support agency (LCSA), located in every county, is a county agency that provides the public with day-to-day services establishing and enforcing child support orders made by the courts.

The LCSA is where you can get help to:

  • Open a new child support case;
  • Establish parentage (who the parents of a child are);
  • Find parents so they can pay child support;
  • Request medical support orders from the court;
  • Enforce child support orders; and
  • Modify child support orders.

The LCSA CANNOT help you with:

  • Divorce;
  • Custody;
  • Visitation;
  • Restraining orders;
  • Establishing spousal or partner support orders; or 
  • Enforcing spousal or partner support orders that are not included with child support.

Either parent who needs help with establishing paternity or establishing or enforcing a child support order can request the help from the local child support agency. Help is available to everyone from the local child support agency whether or not you receive public assistance.

Learn more about the Department of Child Support Services and find your local child support agency.

  • Parents have the right to get advice from a private lawyer or legal aid group at any time. And they can ask the family law facilitator for information.

Family Law Facilitators/Self-Help Centers

Family law facilitators are part of the court and can provide information, court forms and assist in the completion of the forms for free and may be found in each county by clicking here.

Other Resources

The California Department of Child Support Services Child Support Handbook 
Information on many topics, including:

  • How to find a parent;
  • How to establish parentage (paternity);
  • How to get, change, and enforce a child support order; 
  • How to get and enforce a medical support order; and
  • How to collect child support payment .

Child Support Enforcement Abroad
Posted by the U.S. Department of State.

LawHelpCalifornia: Child Support
Links to information on child support for incarcerated parents, child support enforcement abroad, child support forms and more. (Select your county or enter your zip code for information specific to the area that you live in.)

A Quick Reference Guide to the California Offices of the Family Law Facilitator
Published by the Judicial Council of California.

Sacramento County Public Law Library Legal Guides
This site has a list of books on family law and other legal topics.