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Michael: Changes

Lots of things change when your parents stop living together. But there are also some very important things that stay the same. We can tell you about some of the things that change and don’t change.


Jeremy: What Might Change

Here are some of the things that might change.

Neel:  One of your parents probably won't live with you all the time anymore. Usually one parent gets another place to live.

Jeremy: You might have to move to a new home.

Neel: You will probably be with only one parent at a time. You might see them each for about the same amount of time, or you might not see one parent as often as the other.

Jeremy: You might have two homes, and spend part of the time with one parent and part of the time with the other parent.

Neel: Or you might live with one parent and visit the other parent.

Jeremy: Your parents might have less money than before. You might not be able to get new things or eat out as often, at least for a while.

Neel: You might also be asked to help out around the house a little more than before.


Skye:  What Won’t Change

Here are some things that won’t change:

Kiko: Your parents are still your parents. They won’t stop loving you, and you can keep loving them.

Skye: You are still you. You still go to school, and have your friends and activities. You’re just as special as you have always been!

Kiko: Your parents might start to do different things, wear different clothes, or cook different foods, but they really are the same people they have always been.


Jane: Changing Families

When your parents stop living together, your family is changing. But it’s NOT ending.

There are many different kinds of families. Families are more than just the people that you live with. Families are about people loving and caring for each other.


Michael: Getting Used to It

Change happens in everyone’s life. Sometimes it’s hard to get used to new things. But that’s ok. Things will get better. Sometimes, change is for the better. Even though it might be hard when your parents split up, this change might make your life better:

If your parents were fighting a lot before they split up, you might be glad that the fighting is over. You might get to spend more time with one or both of your parents. You might get to know them better. Your parents might be happier now that they aren’t together anymore. They might be more fun to be with.

It might take a long time to get used to the changes in your family. It’s ok to be sad and have other feelings about the changes. But after some time, you will probably feel better.