Get Unstuck

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Skye: Get Unstuck

Do you feel stuck in the middle of your parents’ problems? Sometimes parents make mistakes that put their kids in the middle.

If you are feeling caught in the middle, there are things you can do. Tell your parents how you feel. Say “I don’t feel good about this” if a parent…

  • Asks you to carry messages from one parent to the other.
  • Asks you a lot of questions about the other parent.
  • Asks you to keep secrets from the other parent.
  • Says mean things about the other parent.

Tell your parents how you feel. Tell them they need to work out their problems themselves. It’s not your job.

In the online game called Changeville, you can learn more about how parents might put kids in the middle of their problems. The game lets you pick a character and then walk around the town of Changeville. If your parents put you in the middle, visit Break Up Street to get unstuck.